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iPhone Tutorial

I know for me to be able to do this show, I’ve got to be able to do it when and where I’m able. One of the advantages of the modern technology is already that we can do so much from anywhere. Since getting my iPhone, I’ve been able to do pretty much anything I’ve needed to do from pretty much anywhere.

And as I geared up to start this podcast, I learned that extended to podcasting.

The vast majority of my portions of the podcast were done on my iPhone at the places and times it was convenient to me. And the ease at which I did it means you can too! Got something to say to Beyond The Boards? Not only can you send us an email ( or a tweet (@beyondtheboards) you can send us an audio recording of your thoughts that we may include in the podcast! (Only thing, no anonymous audio clips, thanks!)

So, if you’ve got an iPhone, I can tell you how you can quickly and easily record something for us. Other phones/devices may be able to as well, but that’s for you to figure out. I use an iPhone, cause I’m cool.

So the first thing you need is iPhone OS 3.0 or higher, since you need the Voice Memo app. (There may be other ways to do it… if you’d like to write your own tutorial, I’d love to post it. This is how I do it.) I’ve heard rumors that later model iPod Touch can use Voice Memo too, but I don’t have one so I don’t know.

If you have iPhone OS 3.0 on a 3G or 3GS (I’ve tested those, first gen may work too) then follow along on how to capture and send me audio:

Step 1: Find the App

You’re looking for the Voice Memos app, and it’s the one that says, suprisingly enough, Voice Memos and has a big microphone with a red background. It stays on my home page. And yes, that is the flashlight app. It’s awesome. And free. Go get it. Then come back and tap the Voice Memo app. It’ll open up and look like this:


Step 2: Start the recording

Once you’ve got the app open, you’ll notice that there are only two buttons. One on the left, which is a round silver button with a round red dot in the middle, and one on the right, another round silver button with three black horizontal bars on it. Between the buttons you’ll find a VU meter, which for the purpose of this tutorial is practically useless.

So, you’ve got something to say and the voice app open. Click on the red/silver button, and give the app just a split second and it’ll start recording. When it does, it’ll look like this:


Now, once you see the red bars across the top, then the device is recording. Once you see the red bars, put the phone to your ear just like you’re making a phone call, and talk normally. Okay, you don’t HAVE to put it up to your ear, but it’s a natural way to hold the phone that puts the mic near your mouth as you speak. The mic is actually on the bottom thin edge of the phone, you could just talk into that way, but you run the risk of being too loud.

You may notice that the two buttons in the app have changed. The left red one is now two vertical bars, which is the universal sign of pause. The right black one is now a black square, which is the universal sign of stop. If you need to take a break, you can hit pause, wait a minute, hit the button again and continue your recording. Maybe you’re walking along a train track and in the middle of your important diatribe on why I’m wrong about the greatness of Alan Ayckbourn the train comes by. Just hit pause, wait for it to quite down, then hit the button again and go on telling me how I’m an idiot for loving Communicating Doors.

If you’re finished, hit the black square, and you’re almost done.

Step 3: Sending the audio file

So now you’ve recorded your message for the podcast. All that’s really left is sending it to me. Once you’re finished recording, you’ll find yourself back at this screen:


Now what you want to do is hit the button with the three horizontal bars. That’s the one on the right. It’ll bring up a screen that has all your recordings.


Okay no laughing at my spelling, but you can see I have three voice memos. The bottom two are actually files I’ve yet to remove from making the first podcast. The top one is the one I made while getting the screenshots for this tutorial. You can see that it started playing the first recording. And next to it is a blue button with the two vertical bars, remember the universal symbol for pause?

Now I’m not going to go into it, but if you tap the highlighted memo, you go to another screen that lets you rename the file, edit it a bit (basically trim off the beginning and the end) and some other basic things. Play with that, but I don’t need these files named anything special. I just need you to send me the files. So tap on the share button down at the bottom. Make sure the file you want to send is highlighted before you do, or you’ll send me your shopping list or whatever else you use Voice Memo for.


Once you hit the Share button, you’ll see three options. Email, MMS, and Cancel. (You did upgrade your service provider file and now have full MMS, correct?) What you want to pick is Email. That’ll launch Mail and put the file as an attachment. in an email.


So just send it to me at Please type in a brief description of your audio file so I can rename it as I need to so I can keep them all straight. Then listen to the next episode of Beyond The Boards… you might hear your comment played!

Or at least part of it. I do reserve the right to edit anything you send me. Snark is welcome, but outright meanness will probably not make it into the show, although I may giggle over it on my own.

Thanks! And don’t forget to subscribe. If you like iTunes, and you’ve got a iPhone so I know you do, just subscribe via iTunes to and iTunes will regularly check for the latest episode and automatically download it. And if you tell iTunes that you want to keep all the newest Beyond the Boards episodes on your iPhone, then you can listen to my dulcet tones anytime you wish!

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