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Exactly how did Beyond the Boards come about? Well, that’s a funny story. I’ll tell it to you sometime. but the non-funny part is I had been cast as Paul in the Theatre Huntsville production of You Can’t Take It With You and I was sitting on the wall outside the stage door talking with Leslie Bofill, who is the president of Theatre Huntsville.  We brought up the idea of doing a podcast, and one thing lead to another about what it could be about and who would we target it to.  Leslie wondered if the board of Theater Huntsville would support such a thing, and I mention I had the know how and tools to make it happen.  She looked at me and just said, “You should just do it.”

So I thought about it.  I got close to doing a podcast once before, where a friend and I were going to podcast about the Home Haunting industry.  But a fine group of people with more money started one about a month before we were ready, and that is such a niche market, we didn’t stand a chance to compete.  But prior to that, I’d done all the “work” required to do a podcast, and that work is still in place.  So why not?  Why not just go ahead and do a podcast, but change the focus from the idea of ghosts and goblins to actors and techies?  I mean, really…  is that such a difference?

So I did.  I just did it.  And while I’m closely tied to Theatre Huntsville and did this at the behest of Theatre Huntsville’s President, I’m not a Theatre Huntsville podcast.  Let’s say I’m “sponsored” by them, at least in spirit.  I’m giving my word, here and now, to support Theatre Huntsville and the entire North Alabama theatrical community with this blog in any way I can.  So drop me a line with your auditions, your tech needs or to suggest someone we should interview or some topic we should have on the show.

And I’m not trying to replace any of the great resources out there already in existence for our community.  This isn’t a replacement for Chuck Puckett’s Theatre Happenings.  If anything, I hope I can get Chuck to come on the show pretty regularly!  Nor is this to replace any particular organizations newsletter.  Instead I hope it is a chance for us to talk about theater in Huntsville and get the community involved with each other.

I hope you enjoy the podcast, as we go Beyond The Boards and look at what it takes to do Theatre in Huntsville, Alabama and the rest of North Alabama.

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